Seeking the Truth

Usually there is laughter, stories and delicious food at each meal. Tasting the dinner, seeing it and smelling the delicious helpings of food. It really makes me feel I am existing. I am not just watching it from the outside, but I am a large part my surroundings. I love to talk about my day, compliment the chef and remember my manners.

That is one place where I am truly present in my life. I am participating in Baptiste Yoga’s Digital 40 Days.

The question was ‘Where do you feel you are most present in your life?’

Two moments where I am fully present are when eating dinner with my family, and when I am lifting weights. It is for two different reasons. When I am eating dinner it’s important to be very involved in the dinner conversation. Although it is harder to speak with your mouth full, I find that listening to person talking requires presence.

In my workout, especially during strength building exercises, I fully pay attention to my body. Any aches can spell an injury and keep me sidelined for weeks. So my full attention is needed. Plus I have a fear of mistakenly dropping a weight on my foot! My past injuries from doing this reminds me to be very careful.

I also practice breathing with each rep. Inhaling on the first motion and exhaling deeply to relieve the tension my muscles feel. The breathing and focusing on my breath not only prevents injury, it also slows down my mind to be fully in the moment.

I am not always present, in-the-moment as I would like. Usually when I read a book,  my mind tends to wander off. I scan the page, I flip ahead. My eyes sometimes want to skip ahead of the story! If the book does not catch my interest, I never finish it. So I am working this.

What are you working on? When are you fully present?

Also to show my appreciation for this FREE 40 day journey, here is the link to get started on yours too!


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