When I feel the MOST alive

Right after I drink my water, right before I eat, I experience this euphoric feeling. After an intense strength training workout my vitality returns.

A long cardio session that gets the blood-pumping does it too. Blood flowing, sweating, panting may not be a pretty sight to see.

But it makes me feel absolutely cleared out. Mentally and emotionally I am recharged. My body is re energized!

I feel the most energized and I cherish those last moments while stretching. Although I work out to get fitter, my motivation is chasing that ‘runner’s high’ that comes right after.

This is when I feel the most energized and alive! Part of my 40-Day Program, Day 8: Vitality, I was asked what circumstances create the ripest environment for my vitality to shine through.

How about you? What gives you light?
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