Seven Reasons Why I Love Spring

When I looked at my calendar at the beginning of the month, I noticed we were only about 40 days away from spring.

What springtime memories stand out for you the most? My memories include heading to the shoe store for white uncomfortable Easter Sunday shoes and a pretty dress.

You may have so many memories that warm your heart. Here are mine:

  1. It’s Refreshing: Like Autumn, I long for the smell of fresh rain again! I love those invigorating rain breezes that flow into my window again. Speaking of smells, I miss the sweet aroma of blooming flowers.
  2. Flowers: Those beautiful pink and purple and red flowers blooming on trees and on your lawn. I can never get enough of breathing in deeply the trace of gardenias, apple blossoms, and even freshly cut green grass.
  3. Baby birds: It’s officially springtime when you see your first robin. I was told that many years ago, so I would keep my eyes peeled for robins and our Colorado Lark Bunting birds to return home.
  4. Promises: Spring gives me the feeling that I am not forgotten. I feel renewed as a woman full of talent and purpose and I am encouraged to spread joy and sincerity wherever I am called.
  5. A New life: The new season recharges my life. After a feeling buried under snow and avoiding falling on icy driveways for months now, I like the feeling that soon it will all warm up and be green again. With spring I feel I will have a new path and a second chance I am craving.
  6. Gardening: when I dig into the dirt with my old reliable shovel and plant my new seeds. Planting seeds reminds me of setting new goals and intentions, because you may either get exactly what you desire and other times the seeds don’t open.
  7. Seeds: All winter long I have been planting my own seeds waiting to see their little figurative green heads pop up. I’ve been planting my seeds of being a better me.

If you enjoyed this, please comment with your own reasons why you love the springtime. Do you always attend opening day for baseball? What are some of your favorite spring cleaning tips?


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