Switch It Up!

Why You Should Change Your Gym Routine

Staying on track when beginning a fitness routine can be tough.

Something about the word routine sounds like a punishment. I crave variety, not to dread working out! If you regularly switch it up you can avoid hitting that plateau and continue to see results.

Five Ways to Liven Up Your Workouts

1. New Equipment:

You know that one item in the gym you look at but haven’t tried yet? Go for it! I found a video when I was curious about my gym’s cable pulleys. I am so happy I can work out my arms and back effectively and learn the proper form for the cable pulley machines.

2. Work out with a friend:

I cannot speak highly enough about how working out with a friend can keep you accountable. If she is going today, why not join her? You can catch up and talk while burning off your lunch together!

3. Get outdoors:

Biking, walking, running or just walking the dog can feel like a nice escape from a stuffy gym. The benefits for being out in nature are so great. Besides sunshine and fresh air, I feel so good that I don’t always want to hurry home.

4. Add more weight:

When you aren’t being challenged, try adding a heavier dumbbell or medicine ball. Adding weight or more sets can help you avoid boredom and you will see continuous changes to your body.

5. Get pumped:

Changing your music playlist every so often can help keep you motivated. Add some pumping bass and new tunes to finish your run strong!


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