Why Alcohol and Bodybuilding Don’t Mix!

Iron Addict


When anyone embarks on a health and fitness regime, it’s always necessary to make some dietary changes. Everything in moderation of course! Alcohol is certainly an exception to this. Sure, we all enjoy an occasional splash of rouge or a cocktail, but it’s important to understand how harmful alcohol can be to your physique if your goals are to build lean muscle and loose fat. This article discusses the main ways alcohol can hurt your bodybuilding progress.

Firstly, alcohol hinders our ability to synthesize protein by about 20%. Two of the main contributing hormones involved in protein synthesis are testosterone and human growth hormone. Alcohol affects the release of both of these anabolic hormones; it decreases secretion of HGH by up to 70% and causes your liver to release substances that virtually cancel out the effects of testosterone in your body while increasing estrogen levels. This is the opposite of…

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