Bánh mì burger

Here I am,

Motivated and ready to workout!

Came to the gym,

I forgot my shoes.

My gym shoes,

So I am wearing slip-on sandals.

Since I cannot do cardio,

I’ll hop on the bike.

Anyone ever do this?

Of course not.

I hope no one notices,

not only my sandals,

but I am wearing socks with sandals.

Since I’m sitting here, not able to conquer this gym like the warrior I am.

Let me add another 10 min– no! — 20 minutes to this workout.


And let me turn on the television,

Since it’s a chill day.

“Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”

Oh Guy Fieri.

Guy Fieri sans a bánh mì burger.

You sure can pick the spots. Man I want his job!

(Commercial plays for Wendy’s Sea Salt Fries).

Stay strong Shas, those natural-cut french fries didn’t look that good.




Oh my!

(Commercial for Burger King $1.49 all white-meat chicken nuggets).

I have $1.50 in my car.



Pedals faster.

No nuggets Shas.

(Guy Fieri walks into a burger joint where they make him a bánh mì hamburger).

A bánh mì burger!

Vietnamese sandwich inspired and made from beef combined with ground pork.

Topped with pickled carrots, Tabasco-spike mayonnaise, slivers of daikon, sliced chilies and a fried egg.

This is a bánh mì burger. Drool…

Exhales and adds ten to the resistance level of the bike.

Pedals for my life.

Guy Fieri takes a bite and I imagine he applauds not only this burger,

But also his job,

And his life.

And I do as well.

I am agreeing with his life choices.

(Stomach growls).

Pedals faster and makes every motion count.

Guy Fieri heads to a sushi restaurant and indulges in a fresh California roll coated in wasabi mayo.

(Mouth waters).

(Burger King commercial replays for the $1.49 nuggets once more).

Stops the pedals.

Wow those chicken nuggets, french fries, burgers, that sushi! A bánh mì burger! My goodness.

I cannot let those tempting meals bring me to them.

I should just go home in my slip-on sandals with socks and have a balanced meal with lean protein.

And then I went to Burger King. I still thought about the bánh mì while I eating my chicken nuggets. 


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