Why I Love My Widow’s Peak

I have to admit, I thought this post was about hairstyles. But it is so much more. I won’t spoil it for you, but the way the writer connects to her loved one is similar to how I connect with my grandfather. I never met him but I was reminded that he also had a widow’s peak. It was passed down to me.

Thought Catalog

There’s no way I could accurately describe what looking at a picture of your father for the first time feels like. Most people don’t have a memory of the initial time seeing a family member; they’re kind of always “there” from the beginning. It was mentally draining to stare at a frayed photograph of a person who makes up genetically half of me, not knowing a single thing about them, yet desperately wishing I did. Not having any idea how many creamers he takes in his coffee, what book influenced his life growing up, or even something as simple as what his voice sounds like haunted me. All I could think about was that if things had been different, this is a person that I would that I would have known the most useless facts about what have had such a huge role in my life.

When I was younger…

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