Measurements and other confusing fitness rituals

SO… I haven’t blogged for a little while. But here is the thing,

My Bodyspace prompted me to take measurements for the first time, and

it was kind of odd. Not odd, that is not the word.

I was kind of confused on how this helps (besides knowing how muscles grew)

but I do not have anything to compare mine to… other than last month’s figures.

But sitting there to measure my arms and thighs

It sort of felt like this is good knowledge to have of self. But I feel like men care more about this than women. Unless we are talking dress sizes.

SO… I wanted to know if my readers can explain to me how this knowledge helps you in your fitness journey. Thanks!



Add yours →

  1. For me, it helps keep me motivated. The scale is the last thing to show “progress” for me. I have been stuck at 145 pounds for a little while now, but I have lost inches. If the scale is going to be stubborn on me, at least measurements tell me I am doing something right.

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